Joaquin Quiñonero Candela

Director of Engineering at Facebook   email: jquinonero [at] gmail [dot] com


  • I am the Industry Co-Chair of RecSys 2014 together with Anmol Bhasin.
  • I will be Area Chair for NIPS 2014. First time, I'm excited.
  • Materials:

  • Curriculum Vitae [CV_JQC.pdf] and a brief bio.
  • Quick link to electronic versions of my research papers.
  • During 2012 I was a Guest Lecturer at the Machine Learning Group, Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge.
    I taught a newly designed Machine Learning course together with Carl Rasmussen.
  • Other Quiñoneros out there, not related to me (as far as I know)

    • Juan Pedro Quiñonero is a journalist from the Spanish region of Murcia who has lived a long time in Paris. His fantastic blog is called "Una temporada en el infierno", which translates to "A season in hell."
    • Sergi Quiñonero Gasent lives in Barcelona, and is a geek with a great blog.
    • David Quiñonero is a Spanish boxer who holds the Silver Cruiserweight Title. He seems to have won his last 26 matches, 25 of them by KO! (In this video he knocks out Ali Ismailov)